Thursday, November 5, 2009

Island Paradise - Puerto Rico

Combining over 300 miles of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, a large Tropical Rain forest, a Cave System millions of years old, and a Dry Forest filled with Cactus... and with its charm and warm people, Puerto Rico embraces all visitors.

Puerto Rico is 100 long by 35 miles wide and as a result of its geographical position in the center of the arc of the Antilles, Puerto Rico is essentially a crossroads of Hispanic and Anglo cultures. Despite it's very diverse influx of cultures, Puerto Rico has been a part of the United States since 1898 and Puerto Ricans have been U.S. citizens since 1917.

The climate is as close to perfect as it can get, averaging 83°F (22.7°C) in the winter and 85°F (29.4°C) in the summer. In other words, it's always summer! The trade winds cool the coastal towns and the temperature decreases as you go up into the higher mountains.
Both Spanish and English are the official languages, the local currency is the U.S. dollar, and no visas or passports are required to enter Puerto Rico from the United States.

Both Spanish and English are the official languages, the local currency is the U.S. dollar, and no visas or passports are required to enter Puerto Rico from the United States.

Welcome to Puerto Rico, the Island of Enchantment.

As one of the oldest and most diversified cultures in the world, Puerto Rico is a vibrant, modern, bilingual, multicultural society, one that has been molded by Spanish, African, Indian and U.S. influences.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Island Paradise - Barbados

Barbados is a coral island, pushed out of sea by volcanic activity in a far away time. On the West Coast of Barbados, coral shore beaches of fine white sand stretch along a blue-green sea. Coral reefs fringe the Barbados shoreline to provide excellent snorkeling and Scuba Diving. Along the East Coast a lively surf is blown briskly by the strong and constant trade winds and the waves pound against a rocky shore. The constant breeze of the trade winds give Barbados a mild and pleasant tropical climate.

When you visit Barbados, you will see it is mostly a flat coral island with excellent beaches, but there are rolling hills and many deep ridges and gullies, with an interesting distribution of flora and fauna. Within the Barbados coral core there is a vast array of caves and underground lakes which provide an excellent supply of drinking water that is amongst the purest in the world. Geologically Barbados is unique, being actually two land masses that merged together over the years. This and other anomalies make this Caribbean Island quite phenomenal, and there are geological structures that you will find only in Barbados.

What to Expect

Barbados is a very beautiful island, with lots of art, activities, night life, music, history and some of the best restaurants to be found anywhere. But what makes Barbados even more special, and the reason why so many visitors keep returning to the island year after year, is the people. Barbadians, called Bajans, are warm and friendly souls, always ready to greet you with a sincere smile. Barbadians make you feel welcome and special, in this lovely Caribbean Island. You will feel its your home and will want to come back again and again to Barbados: A unique Caribbean paradise, surprisingly sophisticated, friendly, fun and always Naturally Charming!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Island Paradise - Hawaii

This weeks island paradise is the US state of Hawaii. Incidentally, this state is the 50th US state, annd is the only state made up entirely of islands. It is located on an archipelago in the central Pacific Ocean, southwest of the continental United States, southeast of Japan, and northeast of Australia. The state was admitted to the Union on August 21, 1959. Its capital is Honolulu on the island of Oʻahu. The most recent census estimate puts the state's population at 1,283,388.

Home to one of the world’s most active volcanoes and the world’s tallest sea mountain. Birthplace of surfing and the hula. Former seat of a royal kingdom. Hawaii is one of the youngest geological formations in the world and the youngest state of the union. But perhaps Hawaii’s most unique feature is its Aloha Spirit: the warmth of the people of Hawaii that wonderfully complements the Islands’ perfect temperatures.

Feature Hotel - Royal Kona Resort

The Oceanfront Royal Kona Resort is an architectural marvel set on twelve oceanfront acres overlooking Kailua Bay in the heart of historic Kailua-Kona town on the Big Island of Hawaii.

As part of the Resort’s multi-million dollar revitalization project, the Alii and Lagoon Tower guestrooms received a mini makeover including re-designed bathrooms, updated room amenities, and plush bedding. Each of the Resort’s spacious guestrooms features a large lanai with beautiful mountain vistas or magnificent ocean views.

Take in the breathtaking views of the Pacific while dining oceanfront at our open-air Don the Beachcomber Restaurant open daily for breakfast and dinner. Sample scrumptious cuisine presented by award-winning chef Mikel Lamb and his team of culinary experts. Step next door to the newly remodeled Don’s Mai Tai Bar for lunch and try the original Don the Beachcomber Mai Tai. You might even catch a glimpse of a dolphin or two at play in the warm waters fronting the Resort.

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Island Paradise - Cozumel

This weeks feature island paradise is the Mexican jewel and tourist mecca - Cozumel. Cozumel is an island in the Caribbean Sea off the eastern coast of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, opposite the Playa del Carmen, and close to the Yucatan Channel. Cozumel is a popular tourist destination renowned for its scuba diving and snorkeling.

The island was struck directly by two Category 4 hurricanes during the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season. First to arrive was Hurricane Emily in July. Despite Emily being a powerful storm, it was the slower moving Hurricane Wilma that caused the most destruction when it hit the island in October. The island's tourism suffered greatly in Wilma's aftermath, which meant that other destinations in the Caribbean region benefited from increased arrivals. Despite this, the island's tourism industry has recovered well.

Cancun, McCarthy says, is a new place for the second time. Created from the low jungle in 1974 as Mexico's first master-planned city, Cancun's re-creation today from Hurricane Wilma includes more than renewed hotels and refurbished beaches.

Look for three new PGA-rated golf courses, marinas and nautical opportunities for the first time ever at the hotel-oriented Puerto Cancun or at Malecon Cancun with commercial and residential developments.

If three million visitors, a busy international airport, 142 hotels and supporting shops and restaurants, four-lane highways, hospitals and city infrastructure can happen here, they say, it can happen all over Mexico.

Feature Hotel - Cozumel Palace

Not too long ago, Cozumel Island was revealed to the world with all its charm. Now adventure travelers, divers and nature lovers are discovering Cozumel Palace, the stunning resort bathed by the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. Experience the true meaning of luxury and fun. Enjoy the amenities and attention to detail from the moment you arrive. You will be flabbergasted!

It is here where Cozumel Palace, with its 175 guestrooms, invites travelers to enjoy the facilities and amenities of an all-inclusive property. At only 10 minutes from Cozumel’s airport, the resort is a showcase of refined taste and friendly service in an unbeatable location. We invite you to sample the varied cuisines at any of the three restaurants or savor your favorite cocktail at the swim-up bar; or you may decide to stay in your room and take full advantage of its amenities: the double Jacuzzi, a drink from the liquor dispenser and the 24-hour room service. The resort also welcomes children. A kids club, a children’s playground and pool will certainly keep the little ones entertained while you enjoy a massage at any of the spa treatment rooms. We strive to provide you with the best. Come to Cozumel Palace and experience what a vacation should be!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Island Paradise - The Bahamas

This week’s island paradise is not one, not two, not even three, but a chain of serenely beautiful and extravagantly gorgeous Bahamas islands. The Bahamas, officially the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, is an English-speaking country consisting of 29 islands, 661 cays, and 2,387 rocks. It is located in the Atlantic Ocean southeast of the United States of America, north of Cuba, Hispaniola (Dominican Republic and Haiti) and the Caribbean Sea, and northwest of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

The Islands
Nassau/Paradise Island - You’ll find the capital city, Nassau on New Providence Island, neighbor to Paradise Island. Offering a distinct blend of international glamour and tropical ease, this unique island pair gives you the freedom to do everything or nothing at all. So, kick back. Enjoy.

Grand Bahama - You can look forward to a memorable mix of historic charm, modern attractions, and ecological wonders on your visit to Grand Bahama Island. There’s truly something for everyone. The warm welcome you’ll receive is just extra insurance that you’ll return again and again.

The Out Islands - These hidden gems come in the form of small remote villages and a simple way of life. Here you’ll find some of the world’s most stunning beaches, dive sites, and fishing sites – a welcome surprise if you’re looking for that perfect mix of relaxation and adventure.

Things to Do on Water
Unless you’ve been here, you really haven’t experienced the underwater world. You see, these islands are the only places on Earth where the water is so clear, it has a visibility of over 200 feet: The Islands Of The Bahamas. The ocean water surrounding the Islands Of The Bahamas is incredible in its variety of hues and its clarity. You can easily spot dolphins, explore shipwrecks and coral reefs and be amazed by schools of colorful fish. Whether you’re into boating, sailing, diving, snorkeling, fishing or kayaking, this really is the best place in the world to do them all.
Just to name a few things to do, you have: Beaches, Boat Sailing, Diving, Fishing, Snorkeling, Water sports.

Things to Do on Land

Here, the fun doesn’t end the moment you step out of the water. That’s the beauty of The Islands Of The Bahamas. At every turn, there is something exciting to discover. The activities on our 100,000-square-mile tropical archipelago are just as varied as our underwater ones. There are historic plantations and forts to explore, close encounters with West Indian flamingos, Bahamian cuisine to feast on, casinos to test your luck and championship golf courses with your name written all over them. With so much to do, you’ll never run out of ways to enjoy your days on our islands.
There, we have: Attractions, Birding, Dining and Entertainment, Gaming, Golfing, Private Flying, Spa and Wellness, Nature Hiking and Tours.

Weddings & Honeymoons

The declaration of love. The gathering of friends and family. Bahamians love weddings. Here, getting married is more than a special occasion. It is a celebration. You can't make a better choice for a destination wedding than one of The Islands Of The Bahamas. Our clear sky, powdery white sand and crystal-blue water make the perfect setting for your big day. To get you ready, even from afar, our professional wedding planners make planning stress-free. They can even tell you about special offers to help you stay within budget.

Atlantis Hotel

News ...

Usain Bolt Shatters World Record and Buys Bahamian Real Estate Paradise
August 20, 2009

Fresh off the heels of running the fastest 100 meters in the history of the world, posting a record time of 9.58 seconds, Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt acquires real estate on the Bahamas island of Rum Cay.
"Who wouldn't want to live on Rum Cay? It is magnificent. What an incredibly beautiful place." - Bolt beamed. In what seemingly is becoming a trend, Bolt joins Carl Lewis, the US Olympic icon and once "the fastest man in the world," as the second world record holder to acquire land on this blissful Bahamian island.
Rum Cay, located just 345 miles southeast of Miami, is becoming a haven for athletes, entertainers and celebrities who hail from all corners of the world. An island with just over 100 inhabitants boasts two of the fastest men ever. Willis Harding, of Sunshine Realty states, "Of all the places in the world, I am amazed how many famous people are gravitating to Rum Cay. This place truly has something magical about it."
 The island is 35 square miles in size and is a second home to two world record holders and Olympic superstars. Both athletes have land in the Paradise Is Mine development of the island which provides the most spectacular vistas within the Caribbean. "Usain Bolt is now one of the most recognizable athletes in the world. For him to choose Rum Cay as his corner of paradise speaks volumes about the island. He could live anywhere he wants and he chose Rum Cay." - states Seth Kaufman, broker for Turnberry International Realty in Aventura, Florida. Turnberry International Realty markets Rum Cay within the USA for Bahamian Realtors. Turnberry is responsible for bringing Bolt to the island and is becoming a recognized resource for celebrity clients throughout the Americas.
"Rum Cay is a great place to relax. Just looking at the pictures is enough to put your mind at ease." states Bolt. One of the first things Bolt did after setting his recent world record in Berlin is close the transaction for the property on this Caribbean paradise. Given the current number of international luminaries flocking to buy property within the Paradise Is Mine section of Rum Cay, the island is truly expanding its reputation as the "Undiscovered jewel of the Caribbean." Kaufman went on to remark, "Its amazing how much notoriety this island is gaining so quickly."